Understanding Construction Laws in California

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What is Required-

You must be licensed by the State of California before you can work as a contractor in California. A contractor must be properly licensed by the Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB). California does not recognize licenses from any other state or country. For more information on the CSLB, please refer to the CSLB selection on the menu bar.

In addition to obtaining a contractor's license from the CSLB, there are workers compenstion laws, restrictions on what trades you may work in and numerous other laws that regulate the construction industry. Unfortunately, all the laws that may apply are not found in one category, they span numerous sections of the State's statutes. See the resources section for links to applicable laws.

You must be authorized to work in California. Corporate contractors from other states that obtain a California contractor's license must also satisfy the registration requirements for foreign corporations in order to work within California. Workers compensation laws for out of state workers have specific requirements as well.

Recently, California experienced disasters that brought widespread destruction, and also many opportunities for contractors to perform reconstruction work. Many out of state contractors came to California to offer assistance, but were not allowed to work. The main reason for this is to protect the public and California has no tolerance for unlicensed contracting. While many of the contractors meant well, they were not properly licensed. In addition, when a person is caught contracting without a license in a disaster area, it is a felony.

California Construction Law - Key Topics

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